Knapheide Water Trucks are out working all over the globe. From military applications in the Middle East to construction sites in the Southwestern United States, Knapheide Water Trucks are put to the test day in and day out. The KWT-2 Water Truck features a 2,000 gallon capacity tank with air-operated spray heads for maximum coverage. The tank has a flat center space for convenient application of company decals. Let Knapheide's KWT-2 Water Truck provide a mobile water source for your application.



Knapheide KWT-4 Water Trucks have a 4,000 gallon water tank for maximum capacity. Compatible with tandem axle chassis, KWT-4 Water Trucks are ideal for many different applications including dust control and delivery. Knapheide Water Trucks employ a cross baffle to prevent sloshing during transport. Sight gauges enable the operator to easily view water levels without having to climb onto the top of the tank. If your jobsite depends on a Water Truck, let the Knapheide KWT-4 Water Truck work for you.



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