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We Encourage you to Compare

Truck manufacturers along with government regulators are pushing equipment suppliers toward efficient, lightweight designs. Steel is losing traction in every market segment – from pickup trucks and automobiles, to truck equipment and Van Bodies. There are no exceptions.


Know the facts before you invest in another steel body. We encourage you to study and compare. If after studying the DuraMag difference, you still think steel is a good idea, we encourage you to read it again. There is no current day evidence that steel is a good idea anymore. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us by email or phone.

1. True 100% Aluminum DuraMag body

While the steel manufacturers recognize the value in Aluminum (calling some of their models "Aluminum" – promoting what they call "Aluminum Sheet and Post"), it’s all hype. The only aluminum in their bodies is the side skins. DuraMag bodies are genuinely 100% aluminum from the ground up. No exaggeration, no puffing, no hype - just pure aluminum. Don’t be misled by competitor ads.

2. Lead Times

DuraMag has shorter lead times than the industry. If you need something immediately, we work hard to fit it in. Our custom body line is super-fast. You can have your body built the way you want without being forced to sacrifice.

3. Aluminum ultimately costs less than half of what steel does

When considering cost, there are three big considerations:

(1) Upfront cost: DuraMag Aluminum van bodies are priced competitively or lower than the big names in steel van bodies. Historically, aluminum was priced upfront as a premium product. DuraMag has broken this barrier with the benefit of design engineering and significant purchasing power.

(2) Cost per truck life: It can be expected that a steel body will last for one truck (at best) while aluminum bodies don’t significantly deteriorate. They can be moved to a second truck when the first truck wears out. Given the same upfront cost, this makes the investment in the aluminum body only ˝ what it costs to own steel.

(3) Operating Costs: Lighter aluminum bodies yield higher payloads – so fewer miles to achieve the same delivery. This savings is a “labor, plus fuel, plus operational cost per mile,” equation. It can be serious savings. Add to that the additional cost in fuel for carrying the extra weight of steel -- and there’s not much point in studying comparison further.

4. Super Strong/Lightweight Aluminum

DuraMag uses high strength/lightweight aluminum construction. "Aluminum Builds a Better Vehicle." Check out this video if you have any question on the strength of a DuraMag aluminum body. Steel simply doesn’t have much going for it these days: from heavy steel not working well on lightweight chassis, an increased focus on fuel consumption (from lugging heavy bodies around), lower payloads, increased greenhouse gases, guaranteed rust, increased maintenance issues, unsightliness with age, to an increased awareness of weight reduction, the use of steel is winding down.

At the same rate that steel usage is declining, the use of aluminum in automotive is exploding: Ford Using Aluminum Across the Line and GM's Retooling for Aluminum. DuraMag’s all-aluminum bodies are state of the art in both materials and design.

Custom Van Bodies

The DuraMag Difference

Most bodies have some custom component, but some are seriously customized. Custom bodies have longer lead times but DuraMag’s lead times are generally shorter than the competition. If a custom design improves your workflow, it’s something we should discuss.


How it Starts

You tell us your vehicle, your application, your goals and your vision. We will take over from there. Our designers will create a CAD drawing that details the finished body. When you’re satisfied with the final design, your body enters the scheduling system.



When time is critical, we will work with you to expedite the most complicated projects. Our goal is total satisfaction from design to delivery.


Full Custom Designs

Highly Customized Interiors

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