DuraMag Service R Series Truck Bodies

Why DuraMag is Considered the Premium Truck Bed on the Market and What Makes DuraMag Stand Out in a Crowd


  • All Aluminum Extruded Box Tube Construction
  • 6 Premium Roll-Up Safety Designed Doors—“Most Heavily Water Resistant Door on the Market”
  • Heavy Slam Latch Tailgate
  • Extreme Duty .625 Interlocking Extruded Flooring
  • Fully Welded Construction—No Bolts to Come Loose
  • Continuous-Weld HD Fender Flairs
  • Sand-Blasted Preparation for Powder Coating (Not Inferior Wash/Zinc Phosphate)
  • Powder Coated White or Black
  • LED Marker Lights (Where Required)
  • LED Penny Light in Each Compartment
  • Inner Bed Walls and Exterior Top of Compartments—1/8” Diamond Plate
  • Adjustable Shelf Brackets in All Compartments (One Shelf Included in Each Compartment)
  • Pass Through Panel Between Compartments
  • Powder Coated Tread Plate Splash Guards on Front (DRW Models only)

Service Body Options:

  • Light Packages:
    Package 1: Round STT—Backup in Rear Panel—Slim Line
    Package 2: Oval STT—Backup Lights in Bumper—Rubber Mounted
  • Powder Coated Non-Skid Bumper with Tapered Corners—Recessed with Full Step
  • Vice Socket on Bumper
  • Service Body Headache Rack
  • Cantilever Rack Systems
  • Custom Racking Options
  • Roll-Up Utility Bed Cover
  • LED Strip Lights in Compartments—Activated by Door Opening
  • Additional Compartment Shelving
  • Key Fob—All Door Electronic Locking System
  • CTECH Aluminum Tool Drawers


  • Safety Doors: Recognized as safer than swing-out doors by fire/rescue industry
  • No Rust Aluminum
  • Strong yet Light weight
  • Approximately 40% less than the weight of steel
  • Reduced wear and tear on the truck
  • Real savings on fuel
  • Higher payloads
  • Superior Door system over old-fashioned swing-out doors
  • Environmentally Responsible (Clean, recycled, lightweight aluminum. Lower fuel consumption in vehicle)
  • Frequently moved to the second truck (not the case with steel)
  • Sandblasts for maximum powder coat adhesion. This process is more labor intensive than a liquid bath but assures maximum finish life.
  • Fully welded construction—No bolts or rivets to loosen and fall out.
  • Fully welded heavy plate fender skirt to resist side denting.
  • An investment that adds value at trade-in.


  • A DuraMag® body is built to last.
  • Service Bodies are built from heavy wall-extruded aluminum.
  • Unlike the competition, DuraMag® floors are a heavy, interlocking extrusion, not sheet.
  • A DuraMag® body is made to last the life of the truck—or more.
  • Roll up doors are engineered for weather resistance and security.

Fast Installation—Custom Design:

  • Easy Fast Installation.
  • Service bodies designed for pickup deletes are custom fit for fast installation on all current models, bolt directly to the factory body mounts.
  • Service bodies are built to fit the actual length of the truck. This means 6” more usable body than most of the competition.

Environmental Responsibility—Commitment to Green:

  • F3’s commitment to environmental responsibility is strong.
  • Like all DuraMag aluminum bodies, the service body line includes a high percentage of recycled aluminum that’s environmentally friendly to process.
  • No VOCs or liquid environmental waste in our coating process.

Designed Around Safety:

  • DuraMag leads the way in the highest quality, safest design for service bodies.
  • The DuraMag RU series features an all-aluminum body with 6 roll up/shutter style doors that are customarily seen on high-end fire vehicles.
  • Roll up doors allow the user to work in a safer position without walking around swing-out doors extended into the street or walkway.
  • No carrying tools out and around swinging doors.

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